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lirik lagu jesus christ r’n r – dir en grey

i will communicate with love
i will kill with emotion
from that very day i was able to laugh freely…
do you think that was a long time ago ? i thought

the threatening world pressuring in ?
meaning that world would be outside of the cage ?
eventually i will get used to it, but when will this scar disappear ?

lets go out into the city with a bat
come and play with me more

do it now. god bless me! bless you !
i cry from pain
ominous communication

you must be happy with logics and contradictions

when unhappiness creeps in
the meaning of that doesn’t change
am i laughing well in your world ?

who is more tragic ?
you are probably more serious

i’ll probably be able to laugh more when i am torn and hurt

false accusations kill me

cries of grief will lead you to jesus

jesus christ rock’n roll
lets meet up in a sigh

jesus christ rock’n roll
bound together firmly
jesus christ rock’n roll
with no way out it is shaved off
jesus christ rock’n roll.

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