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lirik lagu job song – consequence


(excuse me, uh beg your pard? nah wait hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up.
b-tch, you don’t i don’t get paid enough for you to talkin to me like that.
straight up and down. i don’t feel like standin’ about a f-ckin’ front door. aight?
you know what? matter of fact, a year from now, when you at home on your only day off
and you watchin upn, you see me come up there and watch me get my motherf-ckin’ award.
tell your kids i said…)

how’d i get stuck in this dead-end job when i can rap
but of course my real collecters they ain’t tryin’ to hear that
matter of fact, they asking dexter when i plan to pay back
on a long line of credit that they lent me way back, way back, way back
at the turn of the century
the notice they sent to me
they sayin’ essentially
if i don’t pay that balance off with a loan with an extra fee
penitentiary, a criminal charges
are prolly sure to follow if you dare disregard this
and that got me nauseous
and feeling precautious
cause the fruits of my labor
and bend(?) on harvest
at least there’s an artist
cause at least there’s an artist
you can call whoever when you talkin’ the hardest
but you suppose to call when they all think you garbage
and figure that you washed up
d-mn, they so heartless
cause when i call the office
they act stiffy and stanchy

and this just ain’t where i’m suppose to be,
this just ain’t where i’m suppose to be,
this just ain’t where i’m suppose to be,
this just ain’t where i’m suppose to be,
cause this just ain’t where i’m suppose to be,
this just ain’t where i’m suppose to be,
this just ain’t where i’m suppose to be,
this just ain’t, this just ain’t

now i’m in a situation that i can’t pacify
so i’m looking through the papers
skimming through the cl-ssifies
when i see a opportunity that can’t p-ss me by
that i can get the job, if i give this cl-ss a try
put my pride to the side, go get ’em 9 to 5
causing livin’ check to check the only way that i’ll survive
but dodee saw the lie cause the lee’s certified
they take all the shirts and towels for the course that they provide
but of course they will provide
a mean of employment
which is basically a job that i soon be annoyed with
so this unemployment is now sudden to change
cause of all these interviews and i’m running my game
and i’m bein’ introduced by my government name
and i’m only out to prove that we one in the same
so for now, my good game a fall away from recording
cause they left a message saying that i start monday morning

(h-llo, this is ocs for dexter mills. dexter, we have work for you on monday
morning at our banana republic and broadway and spring st. in lower
manhattan. you are to be there at 10 o’clock in the morning. please call us
back and let us know your availability. have a good day, good bye.

-oh guess what ma? guess what, guess what?
-what, what?
-i got a job, today!
-at the department store they hired me. they said i start on monday, and um my hours
i’m a be doing the dayshift, and they going start me on a low pay. but they said like
eventually i could um move up and
-oh great, this is the greatest news i’ve heard. my prayers have been answered. you
got a job!
-i could do the job in the daytime then i could go to studio at night. and…
-oh, here we go.
-naw, i could go to the studio at night. i just gotta make sure that i don’t stay in
the studio too late so i can get up in the morning and then i can catch the bus and
go to the job.
-oh yeah, but when you start that stuff at night you gotta get your rest cause you
gotta get up and get to work.
-it’ll be aight. i’m going to celebrate, let’s get some capri-suns. i wanna celebrate.
let’s do it, let’s do it.)