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lirik lagu join the groove – al axy

everybody’s dancing, oh…
everybody’s dancing, yeah…

they say “i’m busy”
they say “i’m ill”
they say “i’m tired”
i don’t wanna give in
they say “i’m lying in bed with the flu in my head”
and i wish them all the best
then, later at the club, the big surprise
when i get in i see what’s going on (i see what’s going on)

everybody’s dancing, i wonder when it’s gonna stop
when their sorrows will come back to their mind
but in the meantime let me join the groove
everybody’s jumpin’ and sweating, no one’s about to leave till the sunrise
so let’s get some more drinks and afterwards
let me join the groove

the vibe is spreading
it’s already in my blood
do you wanna taste it?
don’t be ashamed
i’m going out of control with a microphone
screaming to dirty beats
well, it’s not that i would do this every day
but tonight’s something special in the air and i feel it, can’t resist it, and i want it, yeah

repeat chorus

please tell me, can you feel it too?
i can make you feel it too (feel it too, feel it too…)
come and get it while it’s hot… (4x)
hot hot hot, hot hot hot

repeat chorus

everybody’s dancing, oh…
everybody’s dancing, yeah…
everybody’s dancing, ah…
everybody’s dancing

let me join the groove

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