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lirik lagu jsr 2k4 – nelly

man: hey, alright, come on in, w-ssup baby?
woman: hey, boo, w-ssup?
man: you lookin good
woman: thank you
man: what’s them, are they some gucci?
woman: well, you know, you know
man: you lookin good wit it, fo show. yeah everything is nice, i’m lookin good, i’m
feelin good
woman: everything is good
man: we gonna have a good time this evening
woman: no doubt
man: just chillin, got a little champaine over here, want somethin to drink?
woman: yeah, i’m thirsty. d-mn baby!
man: excuse me, i already
woman: smell like balonga
man: excuse me, i already been drinkin a little something, you know?
woman: uh uh
man: na, that’s my bad, don’t even trip
woman: alright
man: i just had a little something earlier, excuse me. what you need?
woman: i need that new nellyville
man: the new nelly, huh?
woman: yeah, yeah now that right there gets me real loose
man: you want that new nelly, the new nellyville, right, i think i got that, hold on
woman: i need that nellyville
man: let me look over here, i don’t know, i’m almost sure i got that, i got it here,
woman: alright baby, ok, alright
man: i got all the hot stuff, i usually have everything, let me see
woman: d-mn baby my auntie gotta chouch just like that
man: you talkin ’bout, you want nelly though, right?
woman: oh, yeah the nellyville
man: you nelly, not the lunatics, nelly
what wrong, you ain’t got it?
uh oh, uh oh, uh oh
woman: yeah
man: i got you
woman: ok
man: i think um, let me see, god d-mn
woman: how much you pay for rent in this spot?
man: i ain’t got nelly, i got ocanelly, i got, put it in yo mouth
woman: there will be none of that tonight, na eh, no baby
man: a’ight, coo, i’m not lyin, maybe later on, ain’t nuttin to it, hopfully, hopfully
woman: na eh
man: look
woman: what’s the problem
man: so that’s what you need though
woman: nellyville is what i need, nel-ly-ville
man: that’s what you need
woman: uh huh
man: i got you don’t even trip
woman: ok
man: i want you to stay, and i’ma run to the store, real quick, i’ma just run down
to the street, right down
woman: hurry up, hurry up
man: i want you to sit here, look good
woman: nellyville
man: look delicious, like ya self
woman: uh uh
man: i’ll be right back, you keep it hot for me
woman: ok
man: i’m goin to get that nellyville for you
woman: uh uh
man: right away
woman: hurry up
man: i’ll be right back, don’t go nowhere
woman: nellyville
man: i mean that
woman: and i’m sayin, you got some food in this spot, i’m hungry

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