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lirik lagu juliet – cold chisel

jet-lag cramps the lonely face
cheek-bones pinched and tired
it’s a cold tarmac breeze
that wraps the terminal around
flight-times drag the night along
cab skids down the freeway
time to find a bed
for the weeks ahead
it’s goodbye

ice-lines rim the city streets
and tire-whines rip the blacktop
and the lamps wheel above
the misty overp-ss
and bergman’s face in black and white
repeated down the alleys
a prayer above
for broken love
and goodbyes

juliet in travel coat
leans wasted on the window
takes a long, long drag
to try and settle down
it kills her how he turned away
how he ripped their love apart
starts to cry
lets the curtain fall
it’s goodbye

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