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lirik lagu just another psycho – motley crue

[written by sixx / mars / michael / ashba / frederiksen]

they opened up the door
to my insanity
they should it slammed shut right then
and thrown away the key

they st-tched up my head
from my lobotomy
they should have never let me out
i’m public enemy

i’m not okay
the voices in my head always say

i should be committed
for being so twisted
cause everyone knows
i’m just another psycho
i went to the doctor
it wasn’t a shocker
when he said i should know
i’m just another psycho

shoved into a hole
got covered up with dirt
that’s no way to treat someone
who’s feeling’s don’t get hurt

i don’t need a reason
to hurt you just for fun
i’ll terrorize your perfect life
yeah…you better run



i’m not okay

[chorus x2]

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