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lirik lagu just like me – strung out


i want your misery
i want you to be what i hate in me
i make you twist your mind
so you can be just like me
you got a lot that you try to hide
you need a hand
to reach deep inside of you
i don’t think i like you now
but i will when you’re someone else
metamorphosize wanna make you ride inside my eyes
i wanna make you play those games with me
this perversion waits inside for you
tortured visions of yourself here on display
gotta moment and i’ll tell a lie
gotta secret that can’t deny
i don’t want somebody else
wanna make you destroy yourself
then i want you to take it out on me
i don’t care about the things that make us different
i’m gonna make you change
and you’ll see yet
that i can do all this cuz i got no self esteem
i’m not gonna tell you lies
i’m unhealthy and dysfunctional
it’s no suprise that i can’t wait to make you
just like me