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lirik lagu just loot it – nyhm


tank- down down down
priest-down down down
rogue-down down
we’re all down. ya!

guess who’s back back again
nyhm is back for the win

now everyone to the zul’aman door
the zul’aman door the zul’aman door
now everyone to the zul’aman door
alright stop! mana time

cmere everybody,gang that gong
guess who’s back with a brand new song
2.3 introducing zul’aman
and a new ui because my mods are gone
no fear,dots are nerfed with the resilience gear
everyone’s a hunter,dead zone disappeared
and roflcopters for the engineers
new strategies and new thrills
or maybe its just another big repair bill
sacrifice kill didn’t make it there in time
gotta move faster hatin’ this d-mn resp-wn time
boss down slash do a little cheer
hopin’ you get to replace your gear
what’s the layin’ on the mobs corpse
the epic loot of “pwn more’
everybody’s wantin’ to roll for
n-bodies gonna want it who’d care
go and get you loot dude, it’s ok
looks like everyone p-ssed
and i’m about to roll need,won’t lose this
i’m not gonna hope for chance, wait till last
greed roll when you p-ss
ups i mean need.need need need!
then log with ninja speed
alright now loot it,just loot it,group hates me,poor babies,poor baby babies

gankin noobs is so d-mn easy
29 and twinkin’ runnin’ through the bg’s
undead rogue so n-body can see me
all my gear is flamin’ aaa
ya gotta be hatin’ my evisceratin’
in front of your friends its so humiliating
i’m unstealthed and waiting till everybody sees
that i’m gonna stand here and teabag your body
‘excuse me guys,i’ll know that i’m just a new recruit
but i’ve raidin’ for a year and haven’t got to loot
and i don’t know how if i can stomach 30 gold repairs’-‘he wants loot? i vote he gets the boot now.-yea!’
check out this game girl you play online
you know i’m not the game in kind.nyhm! computer mine!
and i don’t get my game time? fine!
it’s a tuesday it’s a raid day
it’s a shame i’ve got negative dkp
but i’m still goin’,sorry mr. raid lead
gotta try to get some new gear today
now i’m sorry all you other members
but i’m afraid you won’t be looting
when we drop a boss its purple i see
now i’m gonna go over and
loot that body
now this is the part where the group breaks down
caps lock means that they’re talkin’ loud
everyone says you’re a ninja now
savory deviate delight and the truth comes out
heart back to the inn ya see,and i’m alt tabbin’
was a new patch name change and i’m a new man
plate and axes,swords and leather
disenchant to something better
post some auctions, make some cheddar
can a white boy say that?
everybody in arenas!yah!arenas!yah!
a higher rating doesn’t mean you have a bigger p-n-s. what?
tenstorms, lightforge, deathmantle, beastlords
incantors and aldar’s bank full of armors
everybody to the instance door and equip your battle elixir
of ninja seein’ ‘fore i squeeze in and take this
aaaa i’m only teasïn’