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lirik lagu kali yuga – atman

kali yuga insatiable warrior
defender of denial
the fight and the vengeance
manifest by his sword which is this
the age of kali
the age of destruction
that nothing shall remain permanent upon the face
of your earth
that there will reign
darkness, degeneration, fire and hunger
that the final disaster
will be the prelude
to the disappearance of wetness
and the conflagration of the universe

that after the destruction of the body
atman shall not be devastated
neither by fire will he be burned
nor by water will he be quelled
neither by air will he be dried
nor by sword be he annihilated

atman perpetual
atman eternal

‘the shadow of my thoughts
do fall upon your heads
as does the hecatomb
and absolute disaster
i be the dark ent-ty
that striveth for vengeance
and denieth every from
of truth upon your throne
sacrifier of illusion
of light and of well-being
destroyer of all harmony
of peace and of all wealth
i be a psy atman in black
that striveth ever for the vengeance
of thousands of those inert souls
blinded by a few others
this be my place
where my magic is of value
this be the feeling
of eternal greatness’

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