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lirik lagu keys to paradise – trampled by turtles

keys to paradise

it’s the secret of the winners
that’s why i never got it
i come to find the savior,
in your eyes

all my frozen winters
face to blame for the garden
at least i couldn’t say that i tried

fall apart at the softest setback of darkness
dampened towers cry above to the
highest liar’s loving heart

all my partial poems come as painless fillers
i may never be as strong as you like
but the way you look at me
is such a silent killer
hold me a close and tell me i’m alright

up all night just thinking of the ways to remain here
mourn the silences that one time held
the key to paradise

i kept running down from heights that i remember
those were times that i treasured like a child
pick this body up because i know i’m better
and i fell upon the ground with a sigh

little bandages add up to a coffin baby
but i get hopeful every time i see you crack your little smile

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