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lirik lagu khaki suit – damian marley

yes mi lion me name jr. gong
mi unique dj, dread
whatch ya

well a me name jr.gong
me seh look how mi natty tall
who nuh know me from dem see me
me a living top-a-nor
clarky boot and khaki suit
you think me go a calabar
well pitty dem nuh know seh every dreadlocks is a star
ever quick with the lyrics we never quit when we talk
fi get hit you haffi fit equipped fi spit a fire ball
city fit inna mi grip and me a squeeze it till it small
every itty little bitty drip till none nuh left at all
go flipitty lippy philip fi mine how him a talk
no pity like yosemite sam when time when we a war
so dem better know wi’ vehicle and dem better mark wi’ car
and keep a distance__ cause man will full y’uh face a scar
you go run fi the and dem a par
and you run fi the country man dem but a we and dem a par
we a bun’ some ganja spliff weh build up bigger then cigar.

watch ya dread
flash it, flash it, dreadlocks

and politican a drive dem car
tell dem nuh teer come over here
when when dem touch down pon the ends
you only hear seh war declare
man clap inna town
and man a clap it inna square
and whole heap a skull a bore and then whole heap a flesh tear
some man a run down grammy fi di gunman fi the year
and a weh mek poor people haffi live it inna fear
one shirt deh pon dem and dem nuh have nothing more fi wear
and man one desert a done and still cannot afford a pair
cannot find nuh vasoline fi moisturize dem daughter hair
and the bulla price a rise and it nuh dearer than the pear
an’ a so mi get fi know seh heads a government nuh care
cause the money them a share, a crate a guiness, crate a beer
cannot pay your little pickney school fee come to end a year
tell the youth dem seh fi get them education and prepare
ras tafari nah go give nuh man no more than he can bear
catch a fire, it a bun’ so tell the ‘tican dem beware

flash it, flash it, flash it, dreadlocks
flash it, flash it, flash it

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