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lirik lagu labyrinth of the mind – taetre


fading away within the subconscious
pictures long gone
ancient dominions surely come to p-ss
the third eye of the world guides me
through the fields of the uncreated

appear in its purest form
evil reveals the secret riddles unsolved to the ignorant
the denial of hate makes the go blind
unaware of it? s powers they spit upon its deity
i wonder, will they ever see

i walk deeper into the unknown
beyond the limit of sense
a furious wind takes me to a place
where the trees speak the unsaid truth

mesmerizing inaudible voices makes me cleanse my heart of lies
subdue my existence, reborn i will be ready to reign
with powers so great in me, my mind is so complete
a psychic above average
i know the labyrinth

chanting winds transporting me into my kingdom castle
runes of magic enshrines the blackened gate
beyond its walls lies powers so great and infinite
arise in me i know it all
i know which way to turn

within the labyrinth of the mind