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lirik lagu lake of peace – d hawk

(verse 1)
i’m coasting here
in the lake of serenity
my place of security
my enemies surrendering
my worries can’t worry me
my life is lived perfectly
every beat’s ensuring me
a state of maturity
inner peace been achieved
in this silent place
the quiet lake this is my escape
its d hawk this is my estate
my plans of dismantling
dusean’s mansion are going great
i’m not in holding nate
oh lord,i can feel it this is really real
silent lake my escape
world is so surreal
in the ocean of insecurity this is all i have
turn the music up p-ss the pad and i might just laugh
i’ll keep on until i’m claiming victory
this lake isn’t all i have this is all i need
open seas open ears so god can speak to me
open mind open soul plus i’m listening
this lake is like a gift but i rap it
it’s like a sunset ending the days of my problems
it’s like a sunrise on the days that i solve them
it’s like a universe, god i’ll step down and let you be first

it’s like a gift
it’s like a sunset
it’s like a sunrise
it’s like a universe

(verse 2)
it’s like a universe god i’ll step down and let you be first
live life to your plan the way that you rehe-rs-d
my days of sadness over as i get some rest
a new morning will come after this sunset
the first morning of a season without regret
a season of joy
a season of happiness where sadness is destroyed
the silence that i hear in this lake is great
the sp-ce that’s here in his lake is great
the lake keeps growing
and my thoughts keep flowing
what i’ve been taught exploding
in this burst of emotion
that these lines potent
with the things important to me
i get into beats
and let music consume me
clean and groom me
i love the music
i hope that it grooms me
the only place i am exposed
i keep popping questions
but still haven’t proposed
sometimes i wonder about why that could be
costing to ocean of insecurity
sometimes i feel too weak
to say what i want to
or get on my knees
and pray to the god that i run to
the current it carries me
to the place made for battling
heading for tragedy
draining my battery
then i remember god is never mad at me
and i fight the current
try to curve it
running from the mansion
i draw back the curtains
jump from the window
into the ocean
press play till i’m floating in the lake
hoping to spend the day
someday i’ll burn down the mansion
but for now i’m in the lake trying to plan it
the unbroken soldier is prepped for war ready to bring damage

i often refer to my mind as an ocean of insecurity
and in the ocean there is a lake of peace that is still and peaceful
that’s where i am now
the lake of peace
its wonderful here

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