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lirik lagu last kiss – wednesday

we were out on a date in my daddys car
we hadnt driven very far
there in the road, straight ahead
a car stalled, the engine was dead
i couldnt stop, so i turned to the right
i’ll never forget the sound that nite
crying tires and busting gl-ss
the painfull scream that i heard last

oh where oh where can my baby be
the lord took her away from me
she’s gone to heaven so i got to be good
so i can see my baby when i leave this world

when i woke up, the rain was pouring down
there were people standing all around
something warm a running in my eye
but i found my baby somehow that night
i raised her head, she smiled and said
hold me darling for a little while
i held her close and kissed her our last kiss
i’d found the love that i knew i’d miss
now she’s gone and i’d never hold her tight
i lost my love out late, that night


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