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lirik lagu last letter home – amazing rhythm aces

i have heard the cannons thundering all night
and i cannot sleep for wondering why’s a rebel’s cause so right
and the morphine seems to do no good at all
and i would run away it i would not fall
i joined the southern cavalry for fun
and i had rode a thousand horses
always had a way with a gun

now i’m among the horseless riders lying still
swallowed up by the cause on the widows hill
and i dreamed about a rose in a spanish garden
and i kissed you and i placed it in your hair
and if i’m ever on my feet again i will
and i will run all the way just to meet you there

through the day i watched those southern boys go down
and they lay like georgia peaches bruised and broken on the ground
through the night i wondered was it worth the pain
and i cried not revenge i called your name

repeat chorus

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