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lirik lagu last spring (summer’s downfall) – a current affair


it’s all-right all you gotta do now is get your heart back home • it’s not what you did but what you’re gonna do • i told you i’ll get out of this alone • well let me know how that goes because i have been there and i’m telling you it’s a choice • oh so you know • you know exactly what it’s like • then comes the light shining through burning holes through doubt • i didn’t wanna be here for this • why wouldn’t you wanna be here • after all there is no light • there is no life without him • your color’s fading in the dark • and i just wanna be here for you • just gotta listen to me • cause after all you know just what its like • i don’t want to keep on living up to other peoples standards • its just not who i am • i need your loving arms around me embracing my deepest flaws • so give me the strength and the knowledge to know exactly what goes on • i’ve been staying up for so long • what i was thinking • what i was doing • no i’m not there • and it’s not fair