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lirik lagu lasting words – no address

i met a girl from brownsville
she kamikaze head-turn got me into a frill,
i told her about my friends back home
what they’d say-

how she spoke

lasting words in the lasting night
and every time i see a boat by a lake
i want to jump up and say
let’s row away from everything.

said she was a cutter
and i said my dad’s a preacher man.
i took her to the boat out down by the lake

i kindly took her by the hand
just to make her understand
i took her to the boat out down by the lake

and just when everything was said
i hugged her hard around her head
i told her there are things that we shouldn’t say

now watch me say them

i tore her down today

everything just goes away
but the scars you hide today
and you don’t want to say
everything just goes away.

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