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lirik lagu latest mistake – mandy moore

there is part of me that wants an answer
and part of me that doesn’t want to know
part of you that i am in love with
and the part that i am willing to let go

this is a delicate unraveling
now and then i find pieces on the floor
tiny little bits that tell me
maybe i shouldn’t do this
or love you anymore

someone’s gonna have to fess up
someone’s gonna have to clean this mess up

’cause i wanted you the first time
and i loved you from the second
and i don’t know how that ever goes away
as far as i can tell
you’re really good at talking
so i think its time you let me know

i’m just your latest mistake

i wonder what will make you happy
i wonder what you’ll do with it all
i have a map in my head
somehow still don’t understand
why i always have to miss you
why i have to make the call

someone’s gonna have to step up
someone’s gonna have to clean this mess up


before you drive me away
take a good look at me, baby
picture me not lying on your couch
well, i wish the best for you
everytime you go thru this
before you finally figure it out


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