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lirik lagu laughing time is over – sienna skies


i know that time just doesn’t wait
it doesn’t wait for anyone
but when i look up to the sky i see darkened clouds
coz when i try to look on forward i can’t see past all of the fog
all the rain and stormy skies they could bring tears to your eyes
why cant you realise
all you do is drain
all you cause is pain
and i refuse, to be held down again
those times are gone my friend
those times are gone my friend
and now i’m standing tall and true
coz even though that i am stronger it still sticks like glue
the only thing you need to know is what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
it makes you stronger
i wont play dead
i will never ever play dead
wont play dead
and i and i refuse to be held down again
all the hard times i’ve been through were coz of you
and i wont put up with that again
futures divide my ship’s departing
clear skies ahead