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lirik lagu lawdy miss clawdy – fats domino

oh, now lawdy lawdy lawdy, miss clawdy,
girl, you sure look good to me.
well, please don’t excite me, baby,
know it can’t be me.

because i give you all my money,
girl, but you just won’t treat me right.
you like to bawl in the morning,
don’t come back ’til late at night.

i’m gonna tell, tell my mama, lawd, i swear to god
what you been doing to me.
i’m gonna tell everybody that i’m
down in misery.

well, now lawdy lawdy lawdy, miss clawdy,
lawd, i swear don’t you look good to me.
you just wheeling and rockin’, baby,
just as fine as you can be.

well, so bye bye bye, baby,
girl, i won’t be trouble no more.
goodbye, clawdy, oh darling,
down the road i’ll go.

– lloyd price
original lyrics from 1952

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