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lirik lagu lax files – the game

(feat. shorty)

[intro: the game]
put your lighters up if you want to
pull your motherf-cking dodger cap
over your motherf-cking eyes, ’til you can’t see sh-t
i want you to go blind n-gg-
so you can feel how i felt, when i was in that motherf-cking coma

[chorus: shorty]
raised in the city of angels where it’s safe
and danger switch lanes so stranger drive slow (drive slow)
where bangers and gangstas, fast women’ll bank up
just, part of a face, that we show
we got mountains and ocean, we move in slow motion
off that sticky you walk up to go
i swear, ain’t nothing better there
that’s why we all take our hats off to you, the one more

[the game]
come to my hood hood, look at my block block
that’s that project building, yeah that’s where i got shot, shot
cause i was more hood than suge, had more rocks than jay
more scars on my face than the original “scarface,” or the homeboy scarface
al pacino couldn’t be no gangsta, deniro in “casino” he no gangsta
wanna be, wanna see, wan’ get a shovel
dig tookie up n-gg-, cause he know gangstas
n-gg-s think cause they watched “menace” a couple times
seen cube in “boyz n the hood” and pressed rewind
that you could survive when a real crip
run up on your car and flexed a nine?
you must be out of yo’ mind, a real blood’ll put you out of yo’ mind
just stay the f-ck up outta my hood
where my n-gg-s take you up outta yo’ shine
it ain’t a movie dawg, h-ll yeah this a real f-cking uzi dawg
i’m ’bout to hop inside my impala, try to keep up, don’t lose me y’all


[the game]
i know the real o-dog, and that n-gg- know the real game
i call him lorenz tate, and he ain’t never been in no gang
but he been in my house house, and he sat on my couch couch
while i put one in the air so yeah that n-gg- know what i’m ’bout, ’bout
i’m ’bout my hood, i’m ’bout my block, i’m ’bout my chips
so if the rap money stop and i punch a clock
catch you slippin at a light {get out yo’ sh-t!}
you jack n-gg-s, out-of-towners, and rap n-gg-s
and ball players cause we ball player, we chop it up, with them trap n-gg-s
we (outkasts), we (big boi’s), (ludacris) with them big toys
where i’m from it’s only two things
standing on the corner, me and that liquor store
look what the bloods did to weezy, look what the crips did to jeezy
this g-ngb-ngin sh-t ain’t nothing to play with
me and snoop dogg just made it look easy


[outro: the game]
y’all n-gg-s got this l.a. sh-t real f-cked up man
n-gg-s better start respectin what the f-ck we about man
we take n-gg-s the f-ck out, this sh-t ain’t no movie dawg
this sh-t is real – crips, bloods, ese’s
we hold sh-t down, this l.a.
word to sh-t on my face, put a motherf-cking star behind it
what the f-ck i am, star-face
l.a. chronicles, l.a.x. files
case closed

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