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lirik lagu lay my burdens – disciple

there are things that i’ll never understand
the road i’ve walked that has made me who i am [romans 8:28]
reminiscing with the picture on the wall again
reminding me just how far away i’ve been

i’m looking to lay my burdens down
they’re something i can’t carry anymore [matthew 11:28]
i’m longing to lay my body down
beside still waters and find rest for my soul [psalm 23:2-3]

my knees are weak and my mind is tired [hebrews 12:12-13]
i’ve followed every dream of every liar
if there’s a place that you’ve prepared for me that i belong [john 14:2-3]
then let these dry bones arise to live and breathe your song [ezekiel 37:5]

what once was dead has now come alive [ephesians 2:1-5]

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