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lirik lagu lazy bones – thicke

i’m taking time out for reflecting
i’m going one on one with who i’d like to be
i’m leaning towards the sun
watching flowers blossom all around me

i tried wailin’ to a wall
standin’ like porcelain, mumblin’,
salt water rollin’ down side burns,
searchin’ for the answers, handling the truth
seein’ it for myself is the only way
forget a winner, stop being a sinner first
ruining your liver, smoking cigarettes and worse
love is a killer, the leading cause of suicide
how to survive a day in the life of times

i’ll rock the vote not to hear you
tell me that i’m watching too much t.v.
then i’ll hope that i can win with the lazy bones i’m livin’ in
it’s not my fault i wasn’t chosen
i was focused in the open
i deserve so much better than this

i’m shooting airb-lls from the free-throw line
i’m batting lefty when i know that i’m alright
i’m reaching out for the sun
being p-ssed by shooting stars overnight

i been livin’ with a small inner child
antsy, i can’t sit still for a minute
my shortage of concentration ruins meditation
and my motivation ain’t sh-t
i need a way
my tolerance ain’t what it used to be
dollars make sense sellin’ out for a fee
if i didn’t have faith, could you still save me?
how to survive the lines we hate to lead


f-ck the future
i’m in the present plague
can’t be a loser, my girl won’t stay
i don’t know computers, i was sick that day
how to survive the mines we chose to lay


[chorus 3x]

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