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lirik lagu leave a light on – belinda carlisle

take my hand
tell me what you are feeling
this is just the beginning

although i have to go
it makes me feel like crying
i don’t know when i’ll see you again

darling leave a light on for me
i’ll be there before you close the door
to give you all the love that you need
darling leave a light on for me
’cause when the world takes me away
you are still the air that i breathe

i can’t explain i just don’t know
just how far i have to go
but darling i’ll keep the key
just leave a light on for me

yes i know
what i’m asking is crazy
you could go
just get tired of waiting
but if i lose your love
torn out by my desire
that would be the one regret of my life

just like a spark lights up the dark
baby that’s your heart

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