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lirik lagu legend of jimmy bones lyrics (feat. mc ren & rbx) – snoop dogg

legend of jimmy bones

snoop dogg


[- thunder -]


ha, ha, ha, ha

just then, i received a phone call, it was morpheus

and he said i was the one, ha realizing the deal heaven done

turnin’ to the east and all praise the sun

now they blast me but they all miss

i do my 3d dance and remain undaunted

then simply reverse the process

as the hot slugs h-t their chest-plate, checkmate

game over, you lose

funky, drunken monkey technique without screws

as the sayin’ goes, if ya snooze ya loose

and i won’t be aimin’ when the oozy ooze

got em’ runnin’ for the hills

style steady truckin’ like eighteen wheels

do got em’ cluckin’ like eighteen pills

the hex flies off then all the blood spills

[snoop dogg]

the legend of jimmy bones

sharp as nails, tough as stones

this ain’t based on no true story

this the real motherf-cker


carry vocal tones, most definitely will

cause more horror than amityville

get out, this my house

got you scared n-gg-s don’t chew like a church mouse

when i swing the excalibur like highlander

the head flies off you see thunder and lightening

too much, too late to recognize your blunder

suddenly you hear there can only be one, well just x

we apply wild west tactics like turn back-to-back

take ten paces and draw, but i’m sneaky with mine

turn around at nine and blast you in your spine

high-ride off into the hot sunset

like the high plains drifter

hear me mister, no one blast with the

when it comes to shootin’ gives up

x marks the spot and guaranteed to lift up

[snoop dogg]

payback is a dog and revenge is sweet

murder is the cold that jimmy lays on these wicked -ss streets

[snoop dogg]

i cut cha’ head off, go ahead get cha’ lead off, set it off

motherf-cker bit his leg off

i want revenge, this sh-t’s gon’ end

you thought i was gone, motherf-cker i’m back home

jimmy bones, it’s on so ain’t no stoppin’ this

i’ll take you to the necropolis

and place you in the front, remain calm through tis d-mn thang

listen here man

killin’ after killin’ dealin’ after dealin’

you motherf-ckers don’t really know how i’m feelin’

but i can’t waste time and reflect on that

i gotta get these n-gg-s who stabbed me in my back

jeremiah, loop a b-tch and aid mack

you turn my peoples out on the crack sack

7-9, remember that, way back

but karma came back, now you motherf-ckers have to deal with that

[snoop dogg]

what goes around, comes around

do unto other, as you would want them to do unto you

it’s a dog eats dog world

[mc ren]

n-gg- f-ck that, my black -ss back from the grave

f-cked up is how we behave

where the f-ck you think you runnin’ to

everywhere ya b-tch -ss turn, i’m in front of you

motherf-ckers wanna scream but they choke

p-ssin’ on they self when i raise at they throat

grab yo b-tch that suck d-ck while i smoke

then hang yo b-tch using tape and rope

go on motherf-cker take two to the head

don’t give a f-ck, villain already dead, already bled

list of names

all on they -ss, n-gg- f-ck these games

here to cause pain

can’t back a b-tch, when n-gg-s gotta beg

not to be filled up with lead

time for me to f-ck her, there villain get the f-ck out

leave you stuck out, leave yo f-ckin’ eyes plugged out

[snoop dogg]

jimmy bones, is that you

we killed you motherf-cker and buried yo -ss with nothin’

but yo b-tch’s bl–dy rag

now i can count the holes in yo motherf-cking chest [- gunshots -]

it’s out, out, out

jimmy bones

it’s out, out, out

jimmy bones


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