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lirik lagu lemme get 2 – redman

“lemme get 2”
(feat. saukrates)

uhh, chka-yeah
chka-uhh, chka-yeah
ladies and gentlemen

[chorus 2x: saukrates]
have you ever been so proud in your life
you livin on your own cloud in the sky
wanna take e’rybody wit’chu
forget one, lemme get two

yeah! yo, hey
i love travellin and seein people
showin the ignorant my color skin is equal
i like tryin different thai food and seafood
makin my episode of life another sequel
i like flyin on delta and continental
first cl-ss, playin them elevator instrumentals
i’m in the window, got on my headphones
listenin to big pun and wyclef jean
it’s like exxon, i get g-ssed up
i shuffle ’round the board like c-ssius
that’s us when the plane land, hey man
it ain’t hard cause i can do it like a caveman
fix my ray-bans, i hit the hotel
do my show, get my money, hit the hotel
sittin at the hotel like “oh well!”
i call shorty that i met today at modell’s
go girl, it’s like we in the matrix
i’m in a new city, with suitcases
i’m overseas with bills with new faces
and if you’re not about that you need a facelift


lemme get two, lemme get two [3x]
lemme get two, bartender lemme get two
if it’s a high life you seekin then you say it
cause how the h-ll you gonna win the game if you ain’t playin?
i’m in monaco, swimmin in the deep end with 3 dimes, this ain’t dominos
well maybe it was, i set ’em up to knock ’em down and go
the skeletons in the closet, i’m makin a new deposit
she was never so erotic ’til we got to the ex-o-tic
-tic, now i’m thinkin
that this time bomb is about to explode
got me wishin that it was different than money, contradiction is funny
i just told y’all to play the game if y’all wan’ eat
the truth is it’s what you make it
that’s why i got my baby girl naked
long before i bought them tickets to turks and caicos
we love each other, beyond under covers
that’s why i’m feelin so high like them wright brothers
fly, i hope it never take material
for you to get yo’ applejax cereal, here we go


lemme get two, lemme get two [3x]
lemme get two, bartender lemme get two

i’m on vacation beitch!
and i’m flyin high

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