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lirik lagu less faith pt.2 – kingmaker


i’ve been abandoned. i’ve been taken for granted.

these eyes have seen nothing but hate,
nor have they ever stared the truth in the face.
seven days, seven days, seven days,
try seven f-cking years bad luck.
but that’s life and it’s never gonna be alright,
the feeling’s not mine and i’m…never gonna feel it’s

bad days f-ckin’ holdin’ me down and i’m never gonna go
back home.
bad days f-ckin’ holdin’ me down and i’m sick of
f-cking feeling alone.
bad days holding me down. never gonna go back home
bad days hoding me down. sick of f-cking feeling alone.
hate and f-cking madness
pain and f-cking darkness.
darkness my life has since failed to produce,
drove me to think i could take from your wonderful
and i poured my heart out, and i putt my guard down,
and i put my faith into you.
i shared my sins and asked forgiveness.
but it all amounted to…
a fable a falsehood a scandal a flaw,
i could explain all the feelings i saw.
but i never felt one.
if that makes me crazy then lock me away cause i know
i’m insane.
even if you hate me, if i’m wrong then i’m burnin for
don’t try to save me.
this isn’t what i wanted to be, a f-cking waste,
feeling less faith, feeling less faith every day.
f-cking feeling less faith every day.

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