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lirik lagu less than human urinal – cenotaph


love is worthless vomit, rotten and putrified, tastes like a bl–dy
excrement which existance is lessthan human urinal.
all feelings suffocate with a sudden ignition in chaos,
about the beginning of lunacy, wet p-ssy, minced p-ssy;
when avaible makes s-d-stic repressed feelings always with me.
true way to show your life is p-ssing of diarrhoeatic bl–dy -rg-sm.
impertinent prost-tute, sardonic wohr saunter,
pour out your v-g-n-l liquid with a squeal.
your ripen f-cker gives no chance to probation,
he only follows the prucedure and gathers his ghastly fury.
forsake his mind otherwise with the emanc-p-tion of dark thoughts,
the emotion of the most horrifying one will embrace your drawsy body
like a sharp vibrator which penetrates erotic holes other then knowns.
drama of your weep will come an end fater
the injection through your ears indirectly your brain.
you’ll shrick in desperation, you’ll be fearfully perturbed.
inspect your body if you have lost any part of it.
benumbed shredded l-stly, no induction is p-ssible medically.
your fool badtor cries, he also mournes because of impossibility
for f-cking whereas your precious f-cker has already found a v-g-n-.
you know?