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lirik lagu letters home from the garden of stone – everlast

sittin’ restless under the moonlight
i know i’m gettin’ ready to kill
they say we’re goin’ in with the daylight
ma i don’t want to but i will

’cause i don’t know the man that kills me
and i don’t know these men i kill
i pray to god for my salvation
wash away the blood i spilled

i try not to think about my family
’cause it’s a little too much to take
out here i got me and i got my buddy
we can’t afford even one mistake

sorry about writin’ on dirty cardboard
it’s the only paper that i could find
tell everyone i got their letters
tell everyone i’m doin’ fine

late at night when i can dream, ma
i think about life back in the world
i miss you and dad, i miss sister sarah
i miss my wife and my baby girl

pray for me, pray for my soul, ma
pray for me and all my sins
they say that i got a job to do now
and i’ll be back when it finally ends

do you think i should be fighting?
ma are you proud, are you ashamed
really i’m tryin’ to do the right thing
i hope my government can say the same

’cause i won’t know the man that kills me
and i don’t know these men i kill
we all wind up on the same side
’cause ain’t none of us doin’ god’s will

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