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lirik lagu lie close – elliott


you won’t move so i won’t follow this used and makeshift path. born to serve, born seductive to regulate our surges.
you will lie close.
you will lie covered.
i won’t stare and i won’t stall you as you turn to make your stand among the walking apparitions that fade among the living. you will lie close.
you will lie covered.
i will force aside the common revelation that we’ll formalize this constant evolution.
here were stand striped and starving as a stopped and tailored man. we buy our lives and learn to spend it with swift and held hands.
we’re the answer that came before the goal (refrain).
we’re no answer at all. you and i were made for each other, like heroes fall we will fall, you and i have made the mistake to hear the call hear our call.
i’m a dreamer and you’re a taker.
sin for the soul and savor the labor.
why are the kids and the cowards all in line?