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lirik lagu life after death – sixx:am

[spoken word]

so here we are at the end,
and at the same time we’re at the beginning
of this misadventure.
why i had to go down a dead end street
at 200 miles an hour
screaming for vengeance and embracing death,
that’s still something i’m trying to figure out.
you know a part of me thinks this is some big master plan
to expose the raw nerve endings of dysfunction so i can heal.
but you know addicts, we think everything’s about us, don’t we?

man it got so convoluted, polluted, and distorted
i ran with the only information i was given…
i turned it into my armor, my defense mechanism,
and my weapon of self destruction.
yeah, i had a f-cked up childhood. and i was a troubled teen.
those are facts.
how i got there? that’s a story told by many voices.
it’s not my job to blame anybody anymore,
i just need to accept the path i was given.

this is, without a doubt,
my life… after death.

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