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lirik lagu life is hard – afterburn inc

afterburn inc.

life is hard
verse 1
people wanna wish death upon us
cuz we wanna kill them
police runnin around causing a fuss
asking when where and when
we put caps in there face
for wielding a mace
cuz we were frontin
and stuntin
and u didn’t like it
and told u to eat sh-t

life is hard
so death gotta be easy
u hire some bodyguards
u strut in ya hood
like a r-t-rd.

verse 2
how did u end up like dis
cuz u forgot to see da signs u missed
it all started when i was takin a p-ss
u come behind me
n start cussing me like a gee
then the next time we meet
you’re the one who won’t be smelling sweet


verse 3

you followed me for some reason
if i was king i would hang u for treason
n-body liked u and n-body ever will
cuz u like to brag
bout a drive by kill
u try and act like a pimp
but really you’re a wimp
why not shrivel up
like a little shrimp

chorus (x2)

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