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lirik lagu life less frightening – rise against

suffering from something
we’re not sure of
in a world
there is no cure for
these lives we live
test negative for happiness
flat line, no pulse, but eyes open
single file like soldiers on a mission
if there’s no war outside our heads
why are we losing?

[chorus: x2]
i don’t ask for much (life less)
truth be told i’d settle (frightening)
for a life less frightening, (life less)
a life less frightening (frightening)

hang me out to dry
i’m soaking
with the sins of knowing
what’s gone wrong
but doing nothing
i still run
time again i have found myself stuttering
foundations pulled out from under me
this breath is wasted on them all
will someone answer me

[chorus x2]

is there a god tonight
up in the sky
or is it empty just like me? (just like me)
a place where we can hide
out from the night
where you are all i see (where you are all i see)
so blow a kiss goodbye then close your eyes
tell me what you see (tell me what you see)
a lifetime spent inside this dream of mine
where you are all i see

[chorus x2]

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