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lirik lagu like animals – devotchkas


a grey sky falls on blood-soaked land where children used to play
theres no more laughter in the air-its all been blown away
the bodies burn in the sun as you just march on by
so handsome in your unifroms, but you bat not an eye

like animals
gun-toting freaks
cracked-up in cami
minds so weak
possesed like zombies in the night
all you want’s to kill and fight

“.your politics and policies, have left children without
but you can’t wash the blood from your hands.
and giving you the ‘right to kill’
and a loaded gun will not make you a man…”

like life-sized g.i. joe’s you go-programmed to kill
trained to m-ssacre other human beings at will
so well trained, with guns aimed-you rip ’em up with no remorse
you don’t hesitate to pull the trigger-it’s just a matter of


[spoken ]

your minds poisoned to think it just
to leave children dead in the dust
oh my soldier hero! bodies ’round the place…
when it’s time to come home how can you look me in the face?
the body count rises, your conscience falls
but you don’t even care at all