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lirik lagu like clockwork – logan lynn


the sunlight is going down like clockwork this evening
just as it came into our lives this morning
and we are left looking at each other through cold eyes
and i know you have to see me
the way that i can see you sometimes
what i would give to believe that
what i would give to believe that

and i can feel my strength
i can feel it
i can feel my strength
beginning to exit
through the hole in my stomach lining
stepping over my feelings
and explosions
and bombs that have been
sorely mistreated
but left, unexploded
but left unexploded

and i can make you c-m
but you will not go away from my thoughts

and then
and then

i can feel myself falling down over you
like clockwork
and i wonder how long i can hold my breath
and i wonder why i am even doing this to myself
when what i want to be doing is anything but
when what you need me to be wanting is anything but

am i making you crazy again this evening
just like i did when we were first waking up this morning
it’s taken all of my strength to try and
mask what’s been burning
you’re officially under my skin
my friend
and there is no f-cking calamine
for this bullsh-t