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lirik lagu like i am – rascal flatts

lying here with you
i watch you while you sleep
the dawn is closing in
with every breath you breathe

i can feel the change
the change you’ve made in me
but will i ever see
all the things you see in me

when you say that i’m one of a kind
baby, i don’t see it but you believe
that i’m so strong and true, i promise you
i’ll try to be that kind of man
because you love me like i am

when it comes to love
i may not know the rules
but there’s one thing i know
my heart belongs to you, just you

[repeat chorus]

you show me you love me
with a fire that burns deep inside

[repeat chorus twice]

– i am
i’ll never understand
i don’t think i’ll ever understand
why you love me
why you love me just like i am


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