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lirik lagu lily the love – golden silvers


she knew her love o she new too well
from every little h-ll it was hard to tell
lips like lace and eyes like rolling dice
with a face like ice but a heart like sh-ll

o here she comes, heart so young
words of fleeting love roll of her young tongue
she can’t tell between right and wrong
and her mama doesn’t even know where she came from

she tried her best but it was all in vein
wherever she went she was causing pain
she broke the heart of every man she met
and to everyone this is what she’d say

o here she comes
a heart so wow
she walks like a women
but speaks like a child
she’s got very very very last century style
and she stares at every man
but she says it with a smile
you are the one but the rising sun will brew to her dismay
but her love only lasts for just one day

so up and down it was hard to take
and a trail of hearts lay in her wake
she knew that one day this would have to stop
there was only one way she could end on top
she said ‘ooo my darling’, and drew a cross upon her chest
and went to the egde of waterloo bridge
and someone heard her say
if my love only lasts for just one day i hold my heart and slowly sink away