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lirik lagu limbless fatling – scrambled defuncts


fatling children preparated for the slaughter
they are like lambs groaning in the lair
systaltic intestines lie low on shamble
i upheave with red infants at the stake
prolapsed organs smashed to a mummy
daggered new-borns curving in cruel suffering
desiccated oviduct dented in crozzled br–sts

live coal slowly burn solid state irises
halved corpses slewing on the spits
scabs of scalded charred skin go scat
stinking pus sputtering from stumps of limbs

unboned tumid bodies transm-ted into smooth paste
i am skiving ulcered infants lying on guts
they are immobile and impaled with gig
calcified b-ttocks abound with worms

unhooked, torn in two and unpicked children
hawking extruded straight-cut eyeb-lls
sinciput untacked, temporal bones proded
unformed scarfed torsos thrown about

bloodless barked infants bleating from pain
macerated flesh fuses in kettles with acid
loggerheads laminated, medulla mortared
eructated measly digesting in olid menses

entrails indented from inflated stomachs
i ingurgitate of mattery jerked beef
elongating the pleasure i embosom bulged children
ripped out hearts pulse in puddles of blood

stunned infants are mammocked
lots and lots of torsos prepared for slaughter
my coulter is loping m-sses of prostrated germs
recasting the raveled out and resectioned flesh