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lirik lagu lisa’s party – legendary pink dots


the retinue wore togas, toked on opium and drank each’s other’s wine. they
nibbled peanuts, spoke of heinous and premeditated crimes between the
politics and the poems. conversation stayed refined at lisa’s party. having
a real good time.

a legendary film star smashed a gl-ss when a man guessed at her age. the
ceiling opened and revealed the naked lady in a cage. a fireater scorched
his chin and departed in a rage from lisa’s party. isn’t it jolly fun?

an artist bit a chicken’s head off and laughed as he p-ssed the rest around.
pieces quivered their coctail sticks but were swallowed without a sound. a
trampolinist jumped too high came crashing to the ground at lisa’s party.
isn’t it a whizz!

now lisa was the perfect hostess… she planned a big surprise. she spread
the cyanide in layers across her delicate mince pies and told her guests “a
hint of almond makes the dullest cake seem nice.” and they all died.

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