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lirik lagu live – josh verdes

sometimes i see myself and everything i could’ve been
if i had listened to the world instead of deep within
workin to work and letting work become the life i live
i’m glad i realized that life’s too short to be like this

now i realize
no matter what it is you do in life
make sure it’s what you feel is right

so i say…
don’t let yourself go blind
there’s more to this in life
than working 9 to 5’s
live life for yourself
you gotta be who you wanna be
i gotta be free, i gotta see, i gotta be me
i gotta change, i really gotta make a change
and live life for myself

you never know if you don’t ever go where you’re told is not the place you should be
what life can really mean when you’re livin your sweetest dream
and i’m not here to judge you but you know in your heart
that what you really want is just one decision away

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