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lirik lagu live to tell – madonna

i have a tale to tell
sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well
i was not ready for the fall
too blind to see the writing on the wall


a man can tell a thousand lies
i’ve learned my lesson well
hope i live to tell
the secret i have learned, ’till then
it will burn inside of me

i know where beauty lives
i’ve seen it once, i know the warm she gives
the light that you could never see
it shines inside, you can’t take that from me


[2nd chorus:]

the truth is never far behind
you kept it hidden well
if i live to tell
the secret i knew then
will i ever have the chance again

if i ran away, i’d never have the strength
to go very far
how would they hear the beating of my heart
will it grow cold
the secret that i hide, will i grow old
how will they hear
when will they learn
how will they know

[2nd chorus]

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