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lirik lagu livin’ our love song – jason michael carroll

baby, when i look at you
with your hair falling down in your baby blues
standing there across the room
i get so lost in the way you move
it makes me reminisce, back to years ago
on a night like this
teary-eyed, as you took my hand
and i told you that i’d be your man
so many things have come, so many things have gone
one thing that’s stayed the same is
our love’s still going strong

baby just look at us, all this time and we’re still in love
something like this just don’t exist between a
backwoods boy and a fairytale princess
people said it would never work out
but living dreams, we shattered all doubts
it feels good to prove ’em wrong
just livin’ our love song

oh darling, would you look at me
with my heart beatin’ fast, and my shakin’ knees
it’s pretty hard to believe
after all these years, i still need you this badly
you’re dancing in my arms
with a spotlight moon in a sea of stars
oh girl we’ve come so far
everything i want is everything that you are
just wanna lay you down, say i love you
without a sound
i think you know what i’m talkin’ about

[chorus x2]

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