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lirik lagu locals only – dom kennedy

“locals only”


[verse 1:]
the very first time i heard run in them adidas
i never would have thought one day i’d have a fever
they used to say, “nah dom. he is not no keeper”
“and yea them songs cool, but naw he ain’t got no heaters”
but then i went home (shhh) we ain’t we ain’t got one neither
the gas shut off man i just go to sleep but
these n-gg-s think they good but i really know they suck
and n-gg-s think they hood but i really know they punks
the man with most isn’t always in the front
so hit that west side and we’ll give you what you want
a nice black eye that will go with all them lumps
and i try to stay quiet if it ain’t involvin us

she asked me where i came from
i told her where you headed
back to la
i said baby what you reppin’
i got these ideas and i’m tryin to make records
so when the train stops this time i’m a catch it [x5]

[verse 2:]
the very first time i heard black superman
i knew it was ok to just act like who i am
i used to rob stores for a tape i could afford
and i want to thank the lord for the life of 2pac shakur
i know living’s hard but you gotta see the light
you never gone make it if you never rolled a dice
take the first step, that was doctor king’s advice
goin no days off i’m gone practice every night
i got so many thoughts and i got so much to write
and that right there is the story of my life
can’t sit and complain, naw i’m tryin to get a name
help feed the kids and i’m tryin to get a chain
my homeboy iian was the first one with a range
we used to play my old sh-t, now i got mo’ sh-t
just a little somethin’ i can get out on the road with
i can get out on the road with
or may be just walk to the store with


[verse 3:]
i remember, no cameras, no calls, no answers
no meetings, no features, no chances
no shows, no fans, no dancin’
now there’s 300 girls yellin “go handsome”
i’m warmin up california this is yo candle
and i never had a video on no channel
i saw your name on a sign that said show cancelled
the charm of a college kid with them pro handles
this for n-gg-s stressed out and gotta smoke camel’s
and them ladies with them pretty open toed sandals
i remember them impalas with them gold panels
we still keep it west side like a old flannel
mix a little leimert park with a cold piano
and tell if you heard somethin realer
i told arch we was gonna kill em
new everything got me lookin like a dealer
if there’s somethin’ wrong then i’m lookin in the mirror
life is a b-tch but i could never fear her
cause she be lookin good every second that i’m near her
she told me take my time but i really couldn’t hear her
not in it for the ring girl i want to be respected
that’s why it took me like 4 years to perfect it
she said you got the type of heart i like to connect with
so when the train stops next time i’m a catch it

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