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lirik lagu lonely lubbock lights – aaron watson

i was singing at the ol’ broken spoke
i could have swore she came walking in
forgot the words to a song that i wrote

must be losing my mind once again
her daddy is a southern baptist preacher
i had to choose her or the bars where i sang
now when i call i can’t seem to reach her
i’m gonna find her if it’s the last thing

so i’ll drive all night long
till i find where we went wrong
but there’s no love in sight –
just those lonely lubbock lights

i was ready to give up the road
as i turned onto her street
but the silhouette there in her window
was of someone who once looked like me
i’d placed a price on her heart
but someone else collected the bounty
now this lost soul don’t know where to start
i think i’m lost somewhere in hale county


that west texas wind grew colder
as i left her further behind me
sometimes i stop and cry on the shoulder
cause every town i p-ss helps to remind me


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