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lirik lagu long live revolution rock – morning glory


when in the course of human events it becomes clear
that the puppets to the power
keep the people in fear
let the word be known that the hour is drawing near

and fear not our steady descent
it only means we’re closer to the final event
the ships sit uneasy on the harbor of i’ll intent

so lift up your spirits
cause we’re movin’ on
breathe the air
and live long
not all the globe is obsessed with silicone

ya know we gotta change
ya know we gotta re-arrange

so long live revolution rock
somone’s gotta say the whole world is f-cked
long live revolution rock

though the valley is long under the shadows of death
and the shadow is long under the powers that jest
we’ve gotta walk on and think not like the rest

this one goes out in the spirit of che
and everybody sayin “let’s get free”
when you arrive don’t replace what ya take away

ya know we’ve got to do our best today