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lirik lagu lookin’ at you – jason michael carroll

i was 16, drivin’ my old mans car
the light was red but i ran right through
and i killed a mailbox and some flowers in a yard
’cause i was lookin’ at you

i was sittin’ in the stands it was the bottom of the ninth
the score was tied 2 to 2
when a foul ball hit me right between the eyes
’cause i was lookin’ at you

well some people like starin’ at the sunset
and some prefer a tropical view
and some like gazin’ at the stars and the moon
but i like lookin’ at you (woo hoo)

yeah, some things in this world might have p-ssed me by
and i might have missed a chance or two
but you won’t find any regret in my eyes
’cause i’m still lookin at you


baby, in my heart i know
there’s nothin’ as beautiful as you



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