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lirik lagu loose change – ja rule

these f-ggot -ss n-gg-s,
ay yo buck, word to mother,
yo they had young malcom silenced too long baby,
they can’t f-ckin hold me down n-gg-,
what the f-ck these n-gg-s thought,
it’s the inc n-gg-, it’s murder,
mib n-gg-, murder inc. bosses, motherf-ckers,
ja rule, haha
ay yo buck, turn this sh-t up in my motherf-ckin headphones,
turn me up n-gg-s, f-ck these f-ggots, haha
it’s real n-gg-, yeah, it’s real n-gg- (ay yo, word ta motha)
(f-ck you loose change, you f-ggot!) yeah (feminem, i’ma slap tha sh-t outta you b-tch)
murda inc n-gg-s!!!

how many n-gg-s hold they heat like rule?
sidearm, barrel ta mouth ta blow ya head out through tha south,
an’ let ‘lil j get ta airin’ ya out.
an’ if there’s any change left i toss ya on down ta tha west,
an’ let (westside!!) tha road ride down on ya
california, love is what ya crave so on ya grave
it’s gon’ read: “here lie fifty, who snitched on many.
that half a dolla, that nickel, them dimes, an’ died like penny.”
an’ murda inc. will send they deepest condolences and sympathies
ta aftermath, ta shady, interscope and jimmy,
i mean ya know ya team they really some pee-ons, gettin’ peed on,
an’ leaked on.
i’m talkin’ ’bout f-ggot -ss gay dre young,
an’ she told me all about how ya used ta take transvest-tes home,
an’ occasionally wear thongs.
no wonda feminem be cross dressin’ in pumps an’ tight ‘lil dresses,
my pumps, they leave big messes…
an’ i know tha ‘truth hurts’ when i bus’ records,
battle of da s-xes, is dat a woman or a man?
i really don’t care ta stand but fifty you gon’ get shot again
by the muredr inc, i’m tha rappa that sings,
totes guns an’ blades. an’ these fed’s can’t discuss ’em
cause while he violatin’ ?? cryin’ b-tch to russell like:
they shootin’…ahh makes ya shook an’ got bus’ rhymin’ tha same ol’ hook.
like, they shootin’…i ain’t shoot up ya land,
i’d a put ya in tha coroner van.
like my n-gg- j -muah-
tha vanguish will be tha ghetto car when i clap at ya garage.
an’ em, whats tha du-rag for?
you neva gon’ have waves, you’ll never know black pain
but you can become tha first white rappa slain.
jus’ get yo money mayn, tha inc is runnin’ thangs,
hideout wit ‘loose change’.
an’ you n-gg- ima send you ta mommy…
wit strict ordas from gotti ta hide tha body.
an’ dre, ya days comin’ too cuz i got a team of misfits thats quiet
an’ handle they business, cause….
im shootin’…at all yall n-gg-s,
an’ ‘lil mo you jus’ one of dem b-tches
that ain’t had a hot song in how long? neva!
ya betta off wit a d-ck in ya mouth, shutup!!
em ya claim ya mother’s a crackhead and kim is a known sl-t,
so what’s haley gon’ be when she grows up?

murrrdaaa!! yall know what it is.
murrrdaaa!! yall know what it be.
murrrdaaa!! yall know what it is.
murrrdaaa!! inc (booooom)

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