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lirik lagu losin’ kind – bruce springsteen

my name is frank davis, drive up dixie 109

i was out on highway 17, just south of the camden line

it was down there in heart of wilsonville, where i met my fate

she was standing outside a barroom, said she was waitin’ for a date

but i knew that was just a line

and i knew i was messin’ with the losin’ kind

well i knew what we were both doin’, and i knew that u cant win

but when the light turned green, i reached across the seat,popped the lock and she slid in,

she said she liked mexican music, she knew a place if i had the time

so we had a few drinks and we danced for a while,i pulled her close, she didnt mind

and what i knew kinda slipped my mind,

and i couldnt resist her kiss, with the losin’ kind

well we drove around in my buick, getting drunk and having fun

we ended up at the best western, out on highway 101

it was around 3:00a.m., we went out, to this empty little roadside bar

it was there the cash register was open, it was there i hit that guy real hard

but i knew, when i hit him, for a second time,

that one attracts the other, when there the losin’ kind

well i grabbed her hand to get out of there, then i felt like i was gonna be sick

about a half hour later the sleet started comin’ down,

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