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lirik lagu lost keys – tool

“lost keys”

[here is the conversation that takes place between the nurse and the doctor, and eventually the doctor and the patient.]

lost keys
[voices fading in]

[nurse:] excuse me? doctor? do you have a moment?

[doctor:] a moment? what’s the question?

[nurse:] more of a situation, a gentleman in exam 3.

[doctor:] what’s the problem?

[nurse:] that is the problem, we’re not sure.

[doctor:] you got the chart?

[nurse:] right here.

[doctor:] not much here to say

[nurse:] no doctor, no obvious physical trauma. vitals are stable.

[doctor:] name?

[nurse:] no sir.

[doctor:] did someone drop him off?
maybe we could speak to them.
let’s get some background on this fella.

[nurse:] no id. nothing
[heavy breathing in background]
and he won’t speak to anybody.

[doctor:] well, let’s say h-llo.
good morning, i’m dr. lawson.
how are you today? how – are – you today?!
look son, you’re in a safe place.
we wanna help in whatever way we can.
but you need to talk to us.
we can’t help you otherwise.
what’s happened? tell me everything.

[growling and heavy breathing grows louder]

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