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lirik lagu love custard – footprints in the custard


lost in a world brought down to its knees
caught in a typhoon of s-m-n and kn-b cheese
forced to set sail in a world swept away
doused in creamy peril since that fateful day

i mourn for those lost in this man juice holocaust

oh this love custard
drenched from head to toe,
on this sea of dread
charting the unknown,
oh this love custard
the horizon’s pale
as we ride these waves
the sea men set sail

near to our end never to be free
there is no escaping this global bukkake
search for a sh-r- that ever evades
fleeing from the tyranny of syphilis and aids

i mourn for those lost in this s-x wee holocaust

there’s no place to go and no safe haven awaits
we are shot forth unto pearly gates
the whole world is drowning humanity is lost
in sweaty man mucus vessels are tossed

yeah it’s everywhere
it’s in your hair
vision impaired

now the world is nought but dust cemented in my juice,
sprung forth from the phial of my l-st my member and i
make this truce
to never lay hand to flesh again to never swoon in
to never fall to the needs of man oh sp-nk-filled
and now i sit upon my throne with oils and juices
unfulfilled and wasted i sit alone, flaccid co-rs- and

nothing can i see in my view from my turgid man-juice
no blade of gr-ss no sea of blue no animal nor flower
i try to stand upon my feet but my legs they do not
from the ice-white oozing prison of my own -rg-smic
what is this oh what is this, this newfound devilry?
that does hold me in a chrysalis that does thus torment
my jeans are stuck and my back is bent and i am much
that this is the cost of a world long spent, a debt
that must be paid

all that remains now the world is through
is a vast viscous ocean of sticky white goo
but nevermind things could still be worse
we could be adrift in blood and afterbirth

i mourn for those lost in this love junk holocaust